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through  the  somber solitude, across  the  covert crowd 

up  in  the  white  sky,  shudders  a  tiny  dark  cloud

like   a   lost   memory     that    have   been   found

of  one  day  that  came,  but  did  not  stick   around


since   many  nights  have  passed,  left  you  surround

and   hesitation   unraveled  resolutely  to  the  bound

slid  on  top  of  the  roof,  dove  back  to the ground 

as  a  billowy  surge  would,  from  the  vast  profound 


whilst  laughing  harmonies in grey   silently  out loud 

uncertain fate of 99 pence  awaiting destiny of  a pound

a flame incandescently walks  an epiphany  into the mind 

conveying; " eventually we’ll be there,  safe and sound “

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