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Study of Self

inside my soul 

  I longed to see the face

shed tears with the moon 

      even touch its grace  


  to seek the sunlight

    caught in a cristal stone

 the stem of a stardust 

           on the barest bone

 arise at dawn, 

    to walk through somnolence

  and dread the day 

    out of some late ignorance


 to wonder wounded wave, who wanders to unwind 

 and spins around the swirling sea of the mind


  to set a furious fire 

                  for the fears

    meet the sacred earth

        wisdom wrapped in years


  at dusk I’d be one, dancing with the tides 

       of joy and sorrow collided in my eyes 


   running on eggshells;

       " sing the silence in a song "

     said the master : 

           " it's been way too long ! 

  you shall live

      inside this dream again

   till you bleed 

  and get rid of all the pain "

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